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This website provides updated information about the course and assignments. It also contains links to the handouts and materials used in the course, as well as links to sites on the web. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Materials for the Course 

We will be using two resources:

(1)  Ehrlich, Supplement; Free Download via Google. I will email instructions. If you want a hard copy, you can order a printed copy through RedShelf for approximately $11.

(2)  Dukeminier, Property (8th ed). You can purchase one of the following:

a.    Bound hard copy

b.    Looseleaf hard copy

c.     Digital copy

Password for Documents: There is a password for some documents on this website. It will be announced in class and emailed to you. Some web browsers (such as Safari & some versions of Internet Explorer) will not open password protected PDF files. To open the files, download them to your computer and use Adobe Acrobat or a PDF-compatible browser.


Class Assignments: Below are the day-to-day assignments for the course. Hit the “Refresh” button on your browser to assure you are viewing the most recent updates. As the semester moves forward, you can find earlier assignments previously posted here by clicking on this link: Past Assignments.

1.    Thursday, April 5

a.    Chain of Title

1.    Pages 695-699.

2.    “Wild Deeds”: Respond to the following hypo:

a.    The jurisdiction has the following race-notice recording statute

(1)  No deed is valid against a subsequent purchaser, for value, without notice, who records.

b.    Ann conveyed Blackacre to Bob in 2010 but Bob did not record the deed. In 2011 Bob conveyed the property to Cathy and Cathy recorded her deed.  In 2012 Bob recorded his deed.  Bob sold Blackacre to Xavier in 2018 & Xavier immediately recorded the deed. Xavier did not have actual notice of the conveyance to Cathy and the property is vacant.

c.     In a quiet title action between Xavier and Cathy who will win? [The answer will depend on whether or not a reasonable title search by Xavier would reveal Cathy’s deed.]

b.    Marketable Title Acts

1.    Pages 749-751.

c.     Constructive Notice by Possession.

1.    Read notes on page 741 and 744.

2.    Waldorff Ins. & Bonding, Inc. v. Eglin National Bank at pages 744-748. Read problems 1-3 following the Waldorff case.

2.    Tuesday, April 10

a.    Legal Descriptions

1.    Note 2 on page 617.

2.    Pages 706-709.

b.    We will review Set #1 Multiple Choice Questions together. Additional multiple choice questions can be found here: Set #2 Multiple Choice Questions . See Links & Reference Materials below for the Answers.

c.     Feedback & evaluations

Links and Reference Materials


1.    Set #1 Multiple Choice Questions & Answers

2.    Set #2 Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (just for practice – mostly first semester coverage)

3.    Multiple Choice from Shane Dizon (do on your own)

4.    Essay – 2015

5.    Answer -- 2015

6.    Recording Act Hypos

7.    Recording Act Answers

8.    Delivery of the Deed Hypos in PDF Format, Delivery of the Deed Hypos in Word Format.

9.    Answers to the Delivery of the Deed Hypos

10.  Sample Essay & Model Answer -- Zoning: The model answer makes brief mention of “special use exceptions”. We will cover special use exceptions in a future class.

11.  Radio Excerpts from NPR on the Lake Tahoe case:

a.    NPR Excerpt – January 8, 2002

b.    NPR Excerpt – April 23, 2002

c.     NPR Excerpt – April 24, 2002

12.  Information about Grades for the Fall, 2017 Semester

13.  Covenants & Servitudes Essay Exam & Model Answer

14.  Hypotheticals – Covenants & Servitudes: PDF Format or MSWord Format.

15.  Answer to the Covenants & Servitudes Hypotheticals: PDF Format

16.  Link to California Tenant Rights Website

Questions & Answers

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